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Ready to Invest in Real Estate?

Community Builders Capital strategy provides our investor community with properties that are purchased for Buy, Rehab and Rent and Buy, Rehab and Resale/Flip. Central to our success is that of focusing on properties that are income generating. Community Builders Capital will seek participation from accredited and institutional investors. Investors can invest with as little as $5000 deal type is debt with returns from 8% to 12%.

Take a look at what we have available for investment community. At Community Builders Capital we search for the best opportunities we can find our investors.

Our Process Details in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Select from available investment opportunities

  2. Select the Invest Now button and connect with our escrow agent
  3. Access details and sign necessary documents
  4. Forward investment dollars to our secure FDIC-insured Escrow Account
  5. Receive ROI and Payback in as little as 30 days


Amount and Type



$ 15,900 Rehab

8% APR

12 months

$ 25,200 Rehab

8% APR

12 months

$113,000 Rehab

8% APR

24 months

$159,500 Rehab

10% APR

24 Months

$225,000 Acquisition & Rehab

8.5% APR

24 Months

$275,000 Acquisition & Rehab

8.5% APR

24 Months

$365,000 Acquisition & Rehab

9% APR

29 Months


Debt Offering $ 250,000 8% APR

Asset Type - Residential Single Family

8/4/2 - ARR $3450/mo


Tree-Lined Street, NYC Buses on Corner

Debt Offering $ 260,000 10% APR

Asset Type - Residential 2 Family

ARR $3625/mo

1st Floor- LR, BR, EIK, Bath

2nd Floor LR, BR, BR, EIK, Bath

3rd Floor – Walk up Attic 3 Unfinished Rooms

Debt Offering $295,000 8% APR

Asset Type: Residential 4 Family

16/8/4 ARR $4800/mo

EZ NYC Commute

25 Residential Apartments-NYC

High Visibility Billboard

Webster Ave off E204th

Many Renovated Units


New Jersey Note for Sale


1st Lien Position

$150,000 - 10% 24mo

2nd Lien Position

18 Residential Apartments-NYC

2 St. Nick Retail Spaces

Potential Basement Income

Corner of W184th & St. Nick

Washington Heights, NYC

One Block to Yeshiva University

St Nick & E181st Shopping Corridor


46 Residential Apartments-NYC

8 Storefronts (5 Tenants)

MTA #6 Hunt's Point Station across Street

Dual Fuel Burner (now on gas)

Bustling Retail Corridor


49 Residential Apartments-NYC

Elevator Building

MTA Trains at 161st & 153rdDual Fuel Burner (now on gas)

New Rubber Roof

Steps to Harlem River Waterfront