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Community Builders Capital

Increasing Prosperity and Building Communities

Community Builders Capital provides commercial real estate crowdfunding opportunities for those who want to invest and get into the real estate game. You just simply visit our Invest page and review our available investments and choose which ones you want to invest in.

Crowdfunding is the process of raising capital through many individuals to fund a Real Estate Project or special investment purpose. Our team is committed to vetting investments that yield a ROI to our investors.

Community Builders Capital offers Commercial real estate crowdfunding to the accredited investor providing the opportunity to add real estate to their portfolio of investments as a passive investor. When investors buy real estate on their own, they often take on a lot of responsibility and costs and the management of the actual property itself. Crowdfunding investment takes the extra work and tasks out of the equation, while still giving an attractive return on investment and investor payout. Investors can begin today with as little as $5000 investment. Whether your in an individual investor, institutional investor or wanting to self direct your IRA, Community Builders Capital offers the solution.

Our Team

Community Builders Capital management team is comprised of Real Estate professionals with over 50+ years’ of combined real estate experience. CB Capital Management team has a strong background in real estate acquisition, valuation, property management and real estate education. Our team of Brokers, Property Analyst, Project Managers are well versed in the real estate market. Our team is experienced in evaluating property and knowing what it takes to prepare property for rental and resale.

Community Builders Capital Advisory Team includes Commercial Brokers, Attorneys, CPAs, Rehab and Construction executives and Title Agents.

Our Mission

Community Builders Capital mission is to increase prosperity for our investors and sponsors while building communities. We believe strongly in this mantra and take satisfaction in the successful completion of each project and investor return. We are committed to a job well done and our commitment extends to giving back 10% of our net profits to local charities and community building initiatives. 

Investor Workshops Available

  • "Stock Market Jitters? Using IRA dollars to invest in Real Estate
  • "Commercial Real Estate Investing the Crowdfunding Way" - Register for the upcoming workshop
  • "The Fundamentals of Investing in Multi-Family Properties" - Register today

We offer private consultation to learn more about Community Builders OZ Alpha Fund! Contact us today for more information.

Investing Information